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NetScaler DataStream as a database server load balancer

NetScaler DataStream represents a technology which can help IT professionals in enterprise database area enhance scalability and fail-over capability their production databases even further than we have thought.

I want to describe the main features of the package in order to provide readers some more confidence with using such solutions:

Advanced load balancing with SQL awareness

As we can see from documentation the product is capable natively parse SQL connections enabling advanced load balancing acting as a SQL proxy between clients and servers. As a result, it can easily divide workload by  interpreting “select,” “drop,” “insert,” “update” and other SQL statements.

Connection multiplexing

Another interesting feature is Connection multiplexing when NetScaler DataStream unites multiple SQL connections into single one via special algorithms. It enables numerous client requests to be sent to the database server over a small number of long-lived SQL connections, reducing the number of client SQL connections by 50x or more times depending on the application. As a result, we can host even more databases per server to overcome server proliferation. Offloading SQL connections that can consume up to 1 MB of RAM enables efficient server CPU and memory utilization.

Health monitoring and failove

It can be used in cases with the slave lag replication monitoring, which estimates the time the slave is behind the replication master by checking the replication backlog and the last executed query. In the event of database server failure, NetScaler automatically and transparently forwards outstanding SQL requests to another available server without terminating client side SQL connections.


As additional feature it supports an advanced policy framework to act on SQL connections and transactions providing an additional security level. It applies security access with user granularity by a database. Moreover, it provides united log of all SQL transactions and user accesses for complete visibility, without querying the database server. SQL protocol can be validated as well using advanced Policy Infrastructure (PI) regular expressions.

For some more detail information you can refer to brief solution overview.


Source: Citrix (http://www.citrix.com)

Reference: Aleksey Fomchenko (https://sqlconsulting.wordpress.com)


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    Thanks for this perfectly written article about Database Sharding and related issues, you have clarified each and every term in the most significant manner and explained the various terms related to netstream and throughput.

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