This site is published by Aleksey Fomchenko. I am a Database Consultant. My main specializations is databases from different perspectives such Database Architecture and Database Administration. Thus I always have desired to work with databases, I went through each important segment of wide database aria during my employment experience working like Database Administrator, Database Programmer, Database Architect.

The main purpose of this site is sharing my personal findings, opinions, perspectives and discoveries which can contribute to world-wide SQL Server community.

I would recommend you don’t make any critical business decisions on base of what you read on my site because I cannot accept responsibility for it. If you have a differing opinion or you think any information I have written is wrong or unclear, you are welcome and encouraged to respond in a respectful manner to comment, provide feedback and to contribute for the benefit of the community.  It is always up to me to allow or remove comments.

Extended information________________________________________________

If you are interested in some extended information related to my knowledge or experience just look through the next list of bullet points:

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