Summary of the Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS Service Disruption in the US East Region

Now that we have fully restored functionality to all affected services, we would like to share more details with our customers about the events that occurred with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (“EC2”) last week, our efforts to restore the services, and what we are doing to prevent this sort of issue from happening again. We are very aware that many of our customers were significantly impacted by this event, and as with any significant service issue, our intention is to share the details of what happened and how we will improve the service for our customers. Read more…

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SQL Server Migration Assistant v5.0

Migrate from Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Access to SQL Azure and SQL Server with ease!

Microsoft announced today the release of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v5.0, a family of products to further simplify the user experience in automating the migration of Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and Microsoft Access databases to SQL server or SQL Azure. Read more…

SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 CTP Now Available for Testing

SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 CTP contains cumulative updates 1-6 for SQL Server 2008 R2, and fixes to issues that have been reported through our customer feedback platforms.  These include supportability enhancements and issues that have been reported through Windows Error Reporting. The following highlight a few key enhancements in this CTP: Read more…

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Microsoft: SQL Server 2008 R2 crosses the finish line

Microsoft is announcing the release to manufacturing (RTM) of SQL Server 2008 R2 on April 21.

In fact, the product actually RTM’d a week ago, about a week ahead of schedule, said Tom Casey, General Manager of Microsoft Business Intelligence. But the team held off until today to make the public announcement. Read more…

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Amazon’s EC2 outage clarifies requirements for an enterprise cloud SLA

After such a huge disaster on Amazon’s EC2 many CEOs including the president of Hurwitz & Associates LLC Judith Hurwitz claim:

“If the company is using a cloud service to support customer-facing applications, they have a responsibility to ensure that if a service goes down, there is a backup plan and strategy.”

But, is it really necessary to create additional external solutions to increase an availability of your cloud services? I just partially agree with this statement because cloud services are highly available itself. In this case I would recommend to review SLA agreements which cloud providers offer to their customers. Otherwise it is not fair to claim such a huge availability (~99,98%) which does not exist. Read more…

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Do I have to assign the Lock Pages in Memory privilege for Local System?

This article has been written in the beginning of 2007 but, anyway, I face quite often with memory related issues dealing with costumers who are using Standard Edition of SQL Server. From my point of view it is worth to read this article through and systematize your knowledge about Locked Pages in SQL Server Standard Edition. Read more…

NEWSEQUENTIALID() – is it a panacea or not?

GUIDs and Clustered Indexes

Uniqueness is a key factor when synchronizing data within distributed environment, SQL Server/Azure and multiple endpoints like Slates and Smartphones, etc.  With data simultaneously created and updated on servers and clients, ensuring rows are unique to avoid key collisions is critical.  As you know, each row is uniquely identified by its Primary Key. Read more…

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