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Do I have to assign the Lock Pages in Memory privilege for Local System?

This article has been written in the beginning of 2007 but, anyway, I face quite often with memory related issues dealing with costumers who are using Standard Edition of SQL Server. From my point of view it is worth to read this article through and systematize your knowledge about Locked Pages in SQL Server Standard Edition. Read more…

NEWSEQUENTIALID() – is it a panacea or not?

GUIDs and Clustered Indexes

Uniqueness is a key factor when synchronizing data within distributed environment, SQL Server/Azure and multiple endpoints like Slates and Smartphones, etc.  With data simultaneously created and updated on servers and clients, ensuring rows are unique to avoid key collisions is critical.  As you know, each row is uniquely identified by its Primary Key. Read more…

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Mirroring in SQL Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise Editions

Both Standard and Enterprise versions of SQL Server have different lists of features which relate to DB mirroring. In order to be more familiar with such differences just go through this article. It could be very important if you a trying to implement some stuff on SQL Server Standard Edition and you just cannot because this version has several important restrictions. Read more…

SQL Server 2008 {JumpStart} Training -FREE!


It is not a new information but anyway, if you want to have an access to about 35GB which relates to get a head-start on ramping-up for SQL Server 2008 just looks through the current article.

Well, here is a great jump-start site with lot’s of great content (ppts, demos, HOLs, VPC’s, etc.)

Here’s the complete laundry list: Read more…

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SQL Server Wallpaper

I am seeing a resurgence on loud and bold wallpaper in the interior design market, but is there anything out there for the fashion conscious DBA?

How about this… Read more…

New T-SQL Features in SQL Server 2011

SQL Server 2011 (or Denali) CTP is now available and can be downloaded at

SQL Server 2011 has several major enhancements including a new look for SSMS. SSMS is now   similar to Visual Studio   with greatly improved Intellisense support.

This article we will focus on the T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2011.

The main new TSQL features in SQL Server 2011 are: Read more…

New Path to Microsoft Certified Master: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

March 25, 2011 1 comment

The Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) certification on Microsoft SQL Server helps provide the most experienced and talented IT professionals with worldwide validation and recognition of their in-depth technical expertise in using SQL Server.

Due to the growing worldwide demand to participate in the MCM program for SQL Server 2008, we have made program changes to ensure that more SQL Server experts who want to validate their in-depth technical skills can do so. Read more…

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