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Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

A new book about SQL Server query optimizer has been published recently by Red gate.

I have not had enough time yet to cover an entire book but selected chapters were really impressive. I would say the book contains much more useful explanations and examples I could expect and focused to an audience which want to go dipper. If you are SQL Server professional and keen dealing with query optimizer the book is definitely for you.

I would like to tell thank you to Benjamin Nevarez which wonderful work as the main author is amazing.

Now it is available on Amazon and some other book-stores. You also can find more detail description chapter y chapter using this link. Read more…

NetScaler DataStream as a database server load balancer

August 26, 2011 1 comment

NetScaler DataStream represents a technology which can help IT professionals in enterprise database area enhance scalability and fail-over capability their production databases even further than we have thought.

I want to describe the main features of the package in order to provide readers some more confidence with using such solutions: Read more…

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Database Splitting into different File-Groups

During the process of database optimization database administrators quite often face with optimization of low-level I/O system. As a result, they try to split a database between different Disks, RAID-s, LUN-s, etc., in order to scale I/O workload out. This process is known also as “Database Splitting” between several logical I/O units. Read more…

Microsoft Blames Server Problem for Hotmail Outage

It seems that Microsoft has tiny but system problem to recover from any types of disaster which may happened with their world-wide mail service – “HotMail”.

Official representatives of Microsoft say the company has fixed a problem with its Windows Live Hotmail service that temporarily deleted the e-mail of more than 17,000 users. Read more…

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Microsoft Announces Additional Details about System Center Advisor (formerly codename “Atlanta”)

At the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Summit last November, Microsoft announced System Center codename “Atlanta.” Since then, you have told us how excited you are about this new service; a cloud-based service that enables IT pros to assess their SQL Server configuration and proactively avoid problems. This excitement showed in your tremendous participation during the beta program. With that, today we’re excited to share more news about project Atlanta. Read more…

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Virtualize SQL Server with Hyper-V and System Center

At this week’s Microsoft Management Summit conference (MMS), we are discussing how we are taking virtualization beyond OS and Infrastructure, with SQL Server as a key workload and an important element of a Private Cloud Platform. And why wouldn’t customers virtualize SQL Server with Hyper-V and System Center? SQL Server is a core component of any virtualized environment and together with Hyper-V, delivers enhanced virtualization manageability through System Center, lowers database TCO, and provides a single point of contact for the service and support of the full Microsoft “stack.” But don’t take my word for it – check out these examples that are being highlighted at MMS this week: Read more…

Microsoft offering New Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server Data Migration Assistant

Microsoft announced today the release of two new resources that save customers time and money by taking advantage of interoperable Microsoft technologies. The new resources include an out-of-the-box connector between Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Online and on-premises) and Microsoft Dynamics AX, and a new Data Migration Assistant for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers moving from an Oracle database to Microsoft SQL Server. Read more…