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Database Splitting into different File-Groups

During the process of database optimization database administrators quite often face with optimization of low-level I/O system. As a result, they try to split a database between different Disks, RAID-s, LUN-s, etc., in order to scale I/O workload out. This process is known also as “Database Splitting” between several logical I/O units. Read more…

New T-SQL Features in SQL Server 2011

SQL Server 2011 (or Denali) CTP is now available and can be downloaded at

SQL Server 2011 has several major enhancements including a new look for SSMS. SSMS is now   similar to Visual Studio   with greatly improved Intellisense support.

This article we will focus on the T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2011.

The main new TSQL features in SQL Server 2011 are: Read more…