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SQL Server 2008 {JumpStart} Training -FREE!


It is not a new information but anyway, if you want to have an access to about 35GB which relates to get a head-start on ramping-up for SQL Server 2008 just looks through the current article.

Well, here is a great jump-start site with lot’s of great content (ppts, demos, HOLs, VPC’s, etc.)

Here’s the complete laundry list: Read more…

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Update for SQL Server 2008 R2 Developers Training Kit

Hi colleagues!

I want to present you new information regarding to SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit. Despite of this package dedicated for developers, every DBA will be interested in went through this material which was announced 18.01.2011. This package include 32 presentations, 27 demonstrations and 12 labs.

The precise list of materials is presented below: Read more…

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